A better working future – Ebenezer’s story

Ebenezer joined Better Working Futures as he wanted support with finding a new career following four years of unemployment.

In 2019, Ebenezer collapsed and broke his ribs, underwent eye surgery, and dealt with other health complications, which resulted in four years of being out of employment. Ebenezer missed his working life and wanted to return to work, but he worried about what jobs to apply for considering the challenges presented by his health conditions.

During Ebenezer’s initial appointment with his Employment Adviser, Solomon, they discussed his previous experience and skills to ascertain the type of work he would be suitable for. This brought on a new-found confidence in Ebenezer as Solomon influenced him to look at what he could do rather than what he couldn’t.

Solomon told us: “Ebenezer attended our ‘Interview Skills’ and ‘Working with Others’ courses with our in-house trainer, to help build his job prospects. He found them very useful, as he had struggled with the interview process prior to joining.

“I’ve been able to teach Ebenezer various interview techniques and support with travel costs to his interviews. Together we have assessed his health and his capabilities of work, from how he is feeling and how he will cope when back in work. Ebenezer felt comfortable and ready to return to a physically demanding role and so we proceeded by creating a gold standard CV, which we tailored to suit security sector jobs.”

Better Working Futures funded third-party courses for Ebenezer, to boost his chances of getting the jobs that he was applying for. During his time on the service, Ebenezer completed courses and obtained his CSCS card to work in construction sites, and an SIA badge for security sector roles.

“I’m sure Ebenezer would agree that he’s had a great experience with Better Working Futures,” said Solomon. “We’ve helped him to reach his goals of sustaining full time employment as a security guard, and we will continue to support him on his transition back into working life.”