Building and preparing – Sybil’s story

Sybil joined our Better Working Futures service following a two-year career gap, as she sustained an injury to her shoulder and was unable to work for a period of time. On her way to recovery, she spent time looking after her grandchildren which she enjoyed; however, her goal was to eventually get back into work.

Employment Adviser, Alanna, referred Sybil to a chiropractor for a 12-week course of treatment on her shoulder injury, which really helped. Sybil has since been exploring job vacancies using her new and improved CV, which she created with Alanna, and is building her confidence in applying for jobs.

Although Sybil has not yet found her ideal job, to make sure that she has the best chance of finding and sustaining work, Sybil has been working with our team and attending our in-house sessions to improve her resilience, confidence and in social skills. Sybil shared: “I'm hopeful that together we will find something that is suitable for me, and I know I'm getting closer.”