Supporting participants with chronic pain

Our team of Health Professionals is always looking for innovative new ways to support our participants with health conditions and disabilities to feel physically and mentally ready for work.

Recently, the team began running monthly sessions supporting participants with chronic pain which is being managed only through medication. The courses are designed to help individuals understand how they manage their pain currently and what changes could be made so they would feel more supported in a work environment.

A concern that many of our participants with physical health conditions or disabilities raise is how to talk to employers about their health condition, and at what stage in the application process to disclose their condition. During our workshops participants are guided through different case studies explaining how the Equality Act 2010 can support and protect them when seeking employment.

Participants who access these workshops are also introduced to the Department for Work and Pensions Health Adjustment Passport which was created to support individuals with identifying what help and changes are available to help them find work or stay in a job, including support to join Access To Work.

Individuals are also signposted to the getUbetter app which provides digital self-management support to those with musculoskeletal conditions with exercises, hints, and tips to manage their health condition.

We’re pleased to be able to offer specialist support to our participants with physical health conditions and disabilities thanks to our dedicated Health Professionals and we look forward to using their expertise to support even more people to improve their lives through work.